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Dear Ladys and Gentlemen,

Due to the explosive nature of the current situation due to the coronavirus, we always want to provide you with the latest information and developments. Especially in these turbulent times, we consider it particularly important to be a reliable partner for you too.

Due to our company headquarters at the world-famous traditional location Hockenheimring, we are also directly affected by the effects of the coronavirus.

According to §4 Paragraphs (including Paragraphs 5 + 11) of the state government’s ordinance on infection protection measures against the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus (Corona Ordinance – CoronaVO), all activities are also permitted on the Hockenheimring area (sports / Leisure center) prohibited.

We expressly point out that violations can result in corresponding legal consequences, which are therefore the sole responsibility of the respective organizer, tenant and participant who violate the applicable requirements.

Even if it is difficult to keep track of the current situation, we will try to inform you as quickly as possible. Hopefully with better news soon.

We guarantee our business continuity, because our employees continue to work and can be reached in their home office. We’re doing our part to contain the pandemic by closing all offices and sending our employees home.

We wish everyone to survive this difficult time healthy and unscathed. At this point we again appeal to everyone to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the federal and state governments. If everyone does their part to contain the pandemic, and if we all show respect, understanding and support for one another, we will meet this challenge. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thomas Reister & team

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