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Picture: © Steffen Bienewald

For the third time, the e4 testival will take place at the Hockenheimring this summer. For a weekend, visitors can get to know e-mobility and try out a lot from e-bikes to e-cars.

Almost no matter where you are currently listening or what you are reading, e-mobility is almost everywhere. In bicycles, cars and small vans, and even in motorsport, electrified variants have been around for a number of years. In addition to the new technology, they usually also bring a lot of driving fun with them.

The problem: Not only getting to know the many possibilities in theory, but also trying them out in practice is often difficult or even impossible for Otto Normalo. Unless you come to Hockenheim on June 6th and 7th, 2020. Because at the e4 Testival you have the opportunity for a weekend to relax and discover the diversity of e-mobility on the Hockenheimring, to exchange ideas with experts and, by the way, to enjoy the delicacies of numerous food trucks in a relaxed atmosphere.

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Prices: Day ticket 18 euros, reduced 12 euros, children up to and including 13 years of age get free entry

You are not only allowed to get to know the area of ​​the legendary Hockenheimring up close, watch the action from the grandstand of the Sachskurve and stroll through the pits and the paddock. In addition to e-bikes, e-scooters and e-fun vehicles, you can also test drive and compare numerous electric cars on the racetrack yourself – at a moderate pace, of course. Various manufacturers will present their models in the pit lane, including Kia, Volvo, Mercedes, Mitsubishi and E-Classics as well as, with Graf Hardenberg, representatives of brands such as Audi and VW. You will then do your test lap together with an expert who will explain the specifics. All you need is a valid driver’s license and you have to register online before or directly at the trade fair in order to clarify the formalities.

On two wheels across the start-finish straight

And if the youngsters are already enthusiastic or interested in electronics, the kids (from 14 years of age) can try their hand at an e-kart track. There is also a course for the little ones, where they can playfully discover the new mobility on wheels. It is particularly important that all visitors enjoy testing, trying things out and getting to know each other. This is why a very exclusive test track is available for the two-wheelers: the start-finish straight on the Grand Prix track. Don’t worry, the powerful e-cars always drive through the parallel pit lane so that nobody gets in each other’s way. You can experience the special acceleration when you step on the pedals and the electric motor gives you an additional boost, while you can sniff some racing air below the grandstands and along the pit wall.

In addition to the test event, the forum offers interested parties various short lectures, interviews, panel discussions and question and answer sessions on both public days. Experts are available to answer questions, and e-mobilists talk about everyday life and give tips. In addition, start-ups will show their work on June 6th. Under the patronage of the Baden-Württemberg Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann, the groups will present their ideas for the “Transforming Mobility” start-up award.

Is that still not enough for you? No problem, if you haven’t had enough in the evening, you can cheer on the teams at the eco Grand Prix at night. The aim is to drive an e-car as efficiently as possible and to complete the most laps in the two twelve-hour night races.

Where is there something to experience?

① In the paddock you will find numerous manufacturers of e-bikes, e-scooters, fun vehicles and much more. You will also get information on accessories and there is an extra kids course.

② At the info point you can get your wristband for the test drives after you have registered.

③ The e-bike course for test drives with electrified two-wheelers and fun vehicles of all kinds leads over the car-free start-finish straight.

④ Representatives of brands such as Audi and VW as well as manufacturers such as Kia, Volvo, Mercedes and many more will present their electric cars in the pits and pit lane, and you can get in for test drives.

⑤ The Grand Prix course is reserved for test drives of the electric cars during the day.

⑥ The forum provides information on topics such as suitability for everyday use and innovations in short presentations and discussions.

⑦ The food trucks in the paddock provide you with national and international delicacies.

⑧ Youngsters aged 14 and over are allowed to drive on the e-kart track

⑨ The grandstand of the Sachskurve invites you to take a break.

⑩ Parking spaces for visitors (parking fee: 5 euros) are located on the premises and in the immediate vicinity of the Hockenheimring.

⑪ Charging options for visitors with e-cars are available on the site: ten charging points with up to 22 kW charging power and type 2 connection.

Further information and the detailed program are available at

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