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Emodrom Am Hockenheimring #wirbleibenzuhause


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear colleagues and friends,

we are all in a difficult position right now. The corona pandemic restricts our everyday life and leaves deep marks.

This unprecedented crisis requires the help of all people. As a sign of solidarity, we have been working from home for four weeks now.

This video is intended to illustrate what our everyday work looks like. We can ensure that we can still be reached and continue to work.

We wish everyone to survive this difficult time healthy and unscathed. At this point, we appeal again to everyone to follow the guidelines and recommendations of the federal and state governments. If everyone does their part to contain the pandemic and if we all show respect, understanding and support for one another, we will meet this challenge. Take care of yourself and stay healthy.

Thank you for your understanding.


Thomas Reister & team

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