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emodrom baut die Attraktivität auf dem Hockenheimring weiter aus

The Motor Sport Museum at the Hockenheimring will come alive and become the new home of speed of the Dörr Group, a very special marketplace for very special used cars. The Dörr Group headquartered in Frankfurt is known for new supercars of the brands McLaren, Lamborghini, Lotus, Bugatti and Pagani in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. For a long time, the Dörr team has also been the point of contact when it comes to used tires. From now on the special models will be offered at a new location, the Motor Sport Museum at the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg, the new Home of Speed by Dörr Group.

After Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, the Dörr Group has now also opened a center for used super sports cars directly at the Hockenheimring in the traditional Motor Sport Museum on the Südtribüne. This is made possible by the emodrom-group, which is responsible for the new strategic development of the world-famous Formula One track at the Hockenheimring. “The Dörr Group is an interesting partner for me because of its brand portfolio.

All the more I am pleased with my team and the colleagues of Hockenheim-Ring GmbH, that our financial investment and the successful strategy here at the Hockenheimring create the conditions in the top location Hockenheimring Museum, “said Thomas Reister, CEO emodrom marketing GmbH. “This will allow us to show visitors modern high-performance supercars in addition to the well-known museum exhibits.

That alone would be worth a trip to Baden-Württemberg, but Rainer Dörr’s thoughts for the future also provide for heart racing. “We do not just want to whet our appetite for used supercars, but also build a meeting place for motorsport fans,” says Dörr Group owner.

“As the only super sports car dealer with such a location, we can then accompany Formula One racing with our customers, cheer for their own team Dörr Motorsport in the battle for seconds in the ADAC GT4 Germany or even offer events themselves. “There are already many ideas, such as free driving or the popular Dörr Group Day, one day alone for all customers with their families and friends at the racetrack.


The museum in Hockenheim is now alive and presents constantly changing vehicles. They all come from the Dörr Group’s other locations, partly because they serve as a down payment for a new supercar, represent leasing returns or are specifically bought in order to offer a broad spectrum to interested used-vehicle buyers. “Every used Dörr Group has to meet the requirements that we impose on ourselves so that our customers feel as good as they are used to,” says Eric Hörnig, Head of Home of Speed by Dörr Group. “They are all checked out by our service experts and then almost meet new-car standards.” Of course, all used cars can also be found on all the usual online platforms.


Das Team Dörr geht mit den gebrauchten Supersportwagen dorthin, wo alljährlich Motorsportgeschichte geschrieben wird. Besucher haben das Motor-Sport-Museum am Hockenheimring so noch nie erlebt und werden es in Zukunft bei jedem ihrer Besuche neu erleben.

More information about the Motor Sport Museum at the Hockenheimring can be found here.

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