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At the end of October, the Hockenheimring will open its doors to the first driving trade fair for electric mobility in Europe of this kind. Three thought leaders have joined forces to create a unique event focusing on the „experience“ of electric mobility. Is.

The entry of electric drives into vehicles, scooters, bicycles and many other means of transport is developing at a rapid pace. On the other hand, however, there are also reservations of potential customers. For example, low range and lack of charging options. But: A test abruptly dismantling such reservations and creating real interest in this new technology, which often turns into enthusiasm. This gave rise to the idea of a driving trade fair for electric mobility, the e4 TESTIVAL Hockenheimring 2018. The joint project of emodrom, e4 QUALIFICATION and Greenfinder. de finds for the first time on 27th and 28 October at the Hockenheimring.

e4 TESTIVAL Hockenheimring makes electric mobility tangible

Thomas Reister (emodrom), Sascha Night Nebula (Greenfinder) and Alexander Nieland (invenio)
Thomas Reister (emodrom), Sascha Nachtnebel (Greenfinder) und Alexander Nieland (invenio)

The traditional location Hockenheimring offers optimal conditions for the e4 TESTIVAL. In addition to its central location in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area, it offers a unique infrastructure: Electric vehicles can be presented in one place. At the same time, potential interested parties are given the opportunity to experience them up close during a trip. Be it the electric car or the electric scooter on the nearly five-kilometre-long Grand-Prix circuit or, for example, an e-bike, pedelec or electrically powered cargo bike on one of the e-bike courses specially prepared for the TESTIVAL.

In addition to the driving parts, the expected 20,000 or so visitors can find out about electric mobility. This applies both to the charging of the electric vehicle and to accessories and services related to the topic with regard to its own rooftop solar system. Exciting side events, including technical and adventure lectures by renowned speakers, round off the event. Benedikt Ummen, for example, will report on his 23500-kilometre-long journey over six months with his Tesla: From Germany via the Balkans through Iran back to his homeland via the Baltic States. And, of course, visitors will be able to marvel at this very famous Tesla at the TESTIVAL.

A special highlight will be the finale of e-CROSS Germany, which will take place as part of the e4 TESTIVAL. More than 50 teams will finish the third round of the 2018 Germany Cup at the Hockenheimring – including Rally Dakar winner Jutta Kleinschmidt with her retro beetle. If you want to experience a real racing feeling, you will be thrilled by the performance of this new drive technology on the in-house electric karting track.

The three brains behind the e4 TESTIVAL, Thomas Reister, Alexander Nieland and Sascha Nachtnebel, have realized a new event format that meets the customer’s needs:

Electric mobility must be experienced. Do you want to be part of this extraordinary event? The organisers are happy to get in touch.

e4 TESTIVAL Hockenheimring


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