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Testing state-of-the-art e-mobility techniques yourself – during a test drive at the Hockenheimring.
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Experience electric mobility.

The mission of e4 TESTIVAL is to spark your passion for electromobility. In addition to the many opportunities offered by e-mobility, it also offers one thing above all else: fun! And because you can not explain or show joy, we offer you a unique opportunity to experience it yourself. The name “TESTIVAL” is program: Test everything yourself, intensively and amply – and let yourself be surprised how much fun you will have! At Europe’s driving exhibition for electric mobility, right on the Grand Prix site of the Hockenheimring, you can enjoy our unique variety of e-cars, e-bikes, e-karts, e-scooters, e-vans, last mile and fun vehicles to let.


Start-ups show how they revolutionize the mobility industry.

Under the patronage of Winfried Hermann (MdL), the Minister of Transport of the state of Baden-Württemberg, start-ups, initiatives, student groups and university graduates will have the opportunity to present themselves as part of the e4 TESTIVAL 2019. We are looking for innovative ideas for both rural and urban areas, both the First Mile and the Last Mile.

  • E-Vehicles
  • E-mobility concepts
  • Technology, accessories, clothing
  • Services, Services, Apps

The e4 TESTIVAL Forum with the Minister of Transport Winfried Hermann.

From pedelecs to e-cars to electric karts – the e4 TESTIVAL is a great way to get a diverse picture of e-mobility.

The startup award of the e4 TESTIVAL will be presented by Thomas Reister (emodrom, right in the picture) and Alexander Nieland (e4 QUALIFICATION, first picture).

E-vehicles test on the Grand Prix track of the Hockenheimring!

At 09 clock on Sunday, June 16, 2019, the starting signal for the second day of the e4 TESTIVAL on the Hockenheimring.

I’m just electro!

Big or small – there was something for everyone at the e4 TESTIVAL!

A celebration of electromobility! Electric longboards, bicycles, cargo tricycles, cars and more. Everything was there and everything could be tested, great!


There are also still reservations about electric mobility, which relate in e-cars, especially on range, charging infrastructure, or production and disposal of the battery. In the e4 TESTIVAL forum, there will be factually sound information and answers from experts in industry, science and politics. In addition, electric mobility enthusiasts will talk about their real everyday experiences and give comprehensible tips on how to sustainably change their own mobility behavior.


e4 TESTIVAL is a community project of:


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At Motodrom
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