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Rita Schwarzel-Sutter (SPD) visits the emodrom GmbH at the Hockenheimring

Rita Schwarzel-Sutter (SPD) celebrated a double premiere yesterday. On the one hand, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety was in Hockenheim for the first time ever and on the other hand, she took a seat in E-Kart for the first time. The SPD state parliament deputy Daniel Born had arranged her visit to Emodrom GmbH at the Hockenheimring.

Before the politicians, accompanied by Hockenheim comrades, exchanged views with the Emodrom executives in the office in the South Stand, they headed to the e-karting track at the Mercedes Tribune. After a short instruction, the electro-operated flickers took to the track. The state tretarian from Lauchringen at Waldshut-Tiengen on the High Rhine led the small field. Daniel Born and councillors came on the accelerator.

Experience electric mobility

Brisk driving fun without exhaust fumes: Emodrome Managing Director Thomas Reister explains the E-Kart to State Secretary Rita Schwarzel-Sutter. State MP Daniel Born (from left), Councillor Richard Zwick, Tim Brauer (Managing Director of Emodrom Bau and Grund) and Reister assistant Lukas Krämer are also looking forward to the rounds. © Lenhardt
Flotter Fahrspaß ohne Abgase: Emodrom-Geschäftsführer Thomas Reister erklärt Staatssekretärin Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter den E-Kart. Landtagsabgeordneter Daniel Born (v. l.), Stadtrat Richard Zwick, Tim Brauer (Geschäftsführer Emodrom Bau und Grund) sowie Reister-Assistent Lukas Krämer freuen sich ebenfalls auf die Runden. © Lenhardt

After a few rounds, Born squeezed past the federal politician with „enemy contact.“ A few laps later, she took the lead without any problems. Daniel Born with a twinkle in his eye when asked by our newspaper why he willingly gave way: „I remembered the record.“ In any case, the secretary of state liked the brisk laps on the karting track: „That’s just fun.“

After a short drive with an electric car, we went from the scorching sun to the cool office of the Emodrom. There, managing director Thomas Reister presented the company, which was founded in 2012. With regard to e-mobility, he emphasized that there is a lack of contact from the end user to the products. This is where the emodom becomes active in order to convey dangerous topics on the new mobility. Reister: „Impulse and emotion must reach the end user.“ In this context, the Emodom managing director did not mention without pride that it had succeeded in winning Porsche with an experience center at the Hockenheimring.

For this project, the seat shells in the interior gallery are already being dismantled at the Motodrome entrance. Part of the grandstand will have to give way for the new building implemented by the Emodrom (we reported). Reister expects the completion of buildings and facilities in October next year.

Rita Schwarzel-Sutter regretted that no reduction had been made in the greenhouse gas so far. We need completely different mobility in order to achieve the climate goals. These could not be achieved without electrification of traffic.

However, this structural change must also be made socially acceptable. The Secretary of State welcomed the Emodrom’s plans and made it clear: „The German automotive industry must once again become credible and environmentally friendly.“

Another topic in the lively exchange of ideas was the „e4 Festival“ at the 27th and 28 October at the Motodrom, the first trade fair of its kind in Europe. At this driving event, visitors can not only admire the electric vehicles on two and four wheels, but drive them themselves. Alexander Nieland from the e4 Qualification Gmbh: „We need to get people excited about electric mobility and reduce reservations.“ Rita Schwarzel-Sutter wished him every success: „The car industry should use the opportunity to show that it also has clean vehicles.“

© Hockenheimer Daily Newspaper, Author: Hans Schuppel, Saturday, 28.07.2018

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