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Premiere Des E4 TESTIVAL Am Hockenheimring

Hockenheim – More than 8,000 visitors came to the Hockenheimring over the weekend. Reason: The e4 TESTIVAL! A review of the energetic event: An event on the Hockenheimring has probably never been so quiet.

At the ‚e4 TESTIVAL‘ on Saturday (27 October) and Sunday (28 October), electric mobility is very important on the circuit. Automakers such as BMW, Porsche and Tesla are introducing their cars, showing novelties and visitors are even allowed to take a spin on the ring with the e-cars. But it’s not just cars that are the focus of the event, pedelecs, e-skateboards and lectures are not neglected.

On Wednesday (October 31), Thomas Reister, Managing Director of emodrom, and Sascha Nachtnebel, founders of greenfinder, take stock of ‚ e4 TESTIVAL ‚.

Premiere of the e4 TESTIVAL at the Hockenheimring
The e4 TESTIVAL Forum

„When we were able to fix the date for the event in March of this year, I didn’t expect to be able to attract so many more well-known exhibitors. This speaks to a great interest in our format and shows that we are trusted. I am very happy about the successful premiere! „Says NachtNebula to HEIDELBERG24. The high number of visitors alone shows that there is a great deal of interest. Around 8,000 visitors come to the event to find out about e-mobility.

Reister adds: „From my point of view, it was a great success for the first event of its kind. We were able to offer our visitors a wide range of different vehicles. In the ‚ e4 TESTIVAL ‚-FORUM we had great guests. In particular, the two rounds of talks, in which Transport Minister Winfried Hermann and Hannes Jaenicke took part, were a highlight for the numerous visitors! “ For the managing director himself, the large number of vehicles and the high Tesla density are personal highlights.

But it’s not just Reister and Night Nebula who are very happy with the event. Visitors and exhibitors also look back in a positive way. Discussion groups have spontaneously formed on the ground, opinions are exchanged and many sceptics are persuaded.

„The e4 TESTIVAL was an all-round successful event where interested parties, new and experienced users and providers of electric mobility can meet and exchange ideas in the best possible way. There were great offers to be able to go electric yourself, to ask up-to-date questions at the stands or to get many insights based on interesting lectures – we at SAP are already looking forward to e4 TESTIVAL in 2019, „says Christof Walter, SAP speaker at the Forum.

Outlook for next year  

In 2019, the ‚ e4 TESTIVAL ‚ will go through to the second round. When exactly is still unclear. According to Reister, there is still great potential in terms of content. In the next ‚ e4 TESTIVAL ‚, more exhibitors will be on display with more vehicles. In addition, applicants can look forward to competitions and other entertainment highlights.

„For 2019, we will scale the e4 TESTIVAL format in many areas with a well-rehearsed team in many areas and inspire even more people to do electric mobility,“ says Nachtnebel.

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