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Minister Dr. Susanne Eisenmann visits the Hockenheimring

The Baden-Württemberg Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr. Susanne Eisenmann, accompanied by Karl Klein / MdL and Dr. Olav Gutting / Member of the Bundestag the Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg. She inquired about the current effects of the Corona restrictions and…

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Herz Des Hockenheimrings

„Heart of Hockenheimring“

Thomas Reister (Emodrom Group, from left), Markus Fuchs, Christoph Kühnle, Aline Bender (all CDU), Kai Hennefarth (Emodrom Group), Fritz Rösch and Bärbel Hesping as well as Margit Frank (PEC) are convinced of the concept of the center. Image: © Kahl

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e4 TESTIVAL 2021 | Trailer

We would have been very happy to host the planned e4 TESTIVAL this weekend. But we're looking ahead and are already looking forward to the new date: March 19-21, 2021. As it still takes a while, we're sharing our new…

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Benjamin Engl Und Matthias Filbert

Spots should inform

Emodrom-Employee Benjamin Engl (l.) and Post office operator Matthias Filbert in front of the new shop window. Photo: © Emodrom / K. Chaparro

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